Hi Fellas! I am Samudrika, a travel and fitness writer who have recently extended her domain to parenting blogs too.   Before I take you through my story, let me take an opportunity to welcome you all and thank you at the same time for stopping at my blog page.


She is a mother of a 21 months old girl, juggling between her trendy slings to the diaper bag these days. With endless dreams in her eyes, she loves to live her life to the fullest. Her calling for writing inspired her to share her stories with the world and so she came up with staytunedwithsamudrika. On this platform, she shares about her learnings and experience, she gained in her parenting journey.

Her husband’s frequent job transfers and pregnancy demanded her to take a break from her corporate world, which she did without giving a second thought. Currently she is enjoying watching her girl to grow and working from home in writing business.

She is married to her soulmate whom she met accidently on one of her travel journey and that is the only common interest (TRAVEL) both these guys have. Other than that, she is a complete chatterbox and her hubby is a man with few words. She is a highly energetic woman with plethora of emotions to express; On the contrary her husband fails to express even a simple moment of happiness.

She is a fitness enthusiast and have participated in many 10 K and half marathon so far and wish to complete a full marathon one day. She is a party animal and wishes to get inked once more.

You can join her Facebook Page to stay connected with her on social media 🙂 . You can follow her on Instagram and write to her at samudrika02@gmail.com for any content related queries.


It is a parenting journal that shares her journey from being a mother to dealing with the myths attached to pregnancy and parenting. From how she learned to make her girl burp to how to speak the magical words of “Ma and Papa”. She does not claim to be an expert in giving parenting advice to anyone, but definitely wants to share her learnings and tips she gradually learnt while raising her kid.

During her pregnancy and post delivery, she realized that there is so much of confusion in parenting world that raising a child at first looked like to preparing for a war. With abundance of unnecessary suggestions that she got from her friends, relatives and neighbours disappointed her for sure. But, all she knew was things will be alright.


She didn’t bother about the common suggestion she got from everybody around her, that life is going to completely change after a new born. Her love for traveling to new places and not breaking up with her fitness regime, kept the spark alive in her. At times, it got difficult to raise her child and follow the passions hand in hand. But, she refused to give up.

She refused to discontinue her fitness regime and guess what her daughter loves hitting the gym together. The sweat feels so good to the body when she listen’s to her daughter saying, “Ma! Gym”.

She refused to give up on her traveling plans and made her baby, her best traveling companion. Carrying her baby’s stroller to the endless list of toys and clothes were definitely difficult to handle, but she stumbled upon TRAVELESCAPE.


Travelescape is a guide that takes you to fascinating journeys from Kumbh Mela to exotic beaches. They love to share their personal travel experience that want you to TRUST them all the more. A one stop solution that gives a complete guide on where to travel and what to expect there?

Travelescape inspired her to travel more and also gave a platform to share some of her travel stories. Do you guys want to dig in to some of her travelling stories?

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