10 Handy Tips By Real Life Couples To Spice Up Your Boring Married Life!!

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Leading an exhausting life with lack of communication and no time for the better half is taking a toll on the marriage. We all have experienced ups and downs in our marital relationship and the fact that divorce rates are increasing day by day in India is not hidden to any of us. But nothing is impossible if love is in the air. Let’s learn to live again with these simple and easy tips shared by these made for each other couples.

Communicate or Express:


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Expressing what you feel and communication plays a vital role in keeping a relationship healthy. This not only clears the misunderstandings but also removes the discomfort that we often sense in a relationship. Looking at the time bound, one could utilize the travelling hours or lunch breaks or post dinner time in talking. Surprise your partner with a text message and wait for the smile that just got delivered on her/his face. Compliment each other on the dress or looks or hair or for everything you both do for each other.

Krishna Gauda, a sales manager at Doehle Danautic India Pvt Ltd says, “no matter how busy or tired we are, we sit together and talk for an hour as soon as we are back from work. We talk about our office, friends, stories of local trains, almost everything that is happening around us. Standing for each other and accepting the flaws with open arms have strengthened their relationship more. Krishna further says,“Convincing our parents was not an easy task and it took us 7 years to get their approval. Probably that’s the reason we value our relationship more.”

Laugh together:


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Laughter is the best medicine so why not laugh together with your lifeline and fill your day with joy memories? If the PJs won’t work, I am pretty sure the magic of your hands would work so Tickle!!!! Most of the metro cities nowadays conduct standup comedy shows, how about going for a laughter therapy with your lovie dovie or simply tune in to any of the comedy channels on your television sets.  One of my favorite is Jeeveshu Ahluwalia.

Sachin and Supriya Pilgaongkar are the two very popular names from the Indian TV and Film industry, which we have remembered for their wittiness and sense of humor. The success of their marriage is so inspiring that often they have been asked to share their valuable tips on it. They say, the secret of their happiness is the friendship they share and the jokes they crack to laugh together. The couple has completed a togetherness of 30 years and yet looks deeply in love.

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Socializing and eating together:


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Man is a social animal and imagining a life without friends or family can be too painful. Hanging out with our best buddies can reduce half of the stress from our lives as it’s simply feels good. Whether it’s a movie plan or the game of bowling, the time spent with friends refreshes the mind and body at the same time.

Preeti and her husband who is a senior pilot with Indigo believe that friends are family. The couple who has an 11 month old daughter now has minimized their party counts but says, “We love partying out with friends and enjoy eating together”. Both loves to dance and spends some quality time this way. Preeti also mentioned, “Giving space to each other is one ground rule we follow for sure for a healthy relationship.”

Do something adventurous:


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Next time you plan a vacation, plan it together and see where your partner’s interest lies in. Your love might be a fearless guy but probably have buried all his passion under the responsibilities of marriage so dig them out and bring the shine back to his eyes. Rock climbing, Scuba diving, Para Sailing are some of the adventurous activities that one can opt for to make the life full of excitement.

I still remember the honeymoon period in Andamans, where my husband decided to try scuba diving. Me being water phobic was not very impressed with the idea and rejected the proposal without giving any second thoughts. Eventually I agreed and did go for scuba and I must say that was the best experience of my life. The life under water is so beautiful and I don’t know how I managed to control my fear and anxiety yet thoroughly enjoyed that moment. More than me, my husband was overwhelmed.

Exercise or Play together:


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Often we complain about the monotonous life one get to lead once we have kids of our own as the priority changes and the focus immediately shifts to the kids. What we forget is with time one must learn time management. Let your child enjoy his favorite tennis classes and you indulge yourself in a game of badminton or may be caroms. Have you thought of going for a jog or may be swimming together? After all it’s a win-win situation. Not only you get to remain fit and energetic but you spend some of the best time of your day with your soul mate.

Aarti along with her husband Abhisheik, who lives in the beautiful country Finland, loves to go for cycling together enjoying the exquisite scenic views. This gorgeous couple still goes for walks holding each other hands and says life is beautiful.

Keep the surprise element ready:


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Nabajeet Sharma who is an entrepreneur says, “Giving roses every now and then is so outdated. After few years of marriage, this idea doesn’t work. Roses work with girlfriends and not with wives. One must love each other, the way teenagers do or the way you did during your courtship period. It’s important to bring back the essence of romance in the marriage and that is only possible if you surprise each other pleasantly. Do something unusual like preparing the Sunday tea or breakfast for your gorgeous wife. Trust me; if one is not a good cook even the scrambled eggs would do the magic”.

Travel and explore the world:


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Probably the best way to rejuvenate your mind and soul is to travel and when the travelling is done with your lovely partner then the fun element gets double. A late night romantic ride on the roads of your beautiful city is enough to make your partner happy. Let the world remain boring but you take out your bike and get set go!!! Just enjoy and remember those carefree college days and we bet you would repeat this quite often.

Rosalin Mohapatra shares how she and her husband drive down to places and go around the city just to explore the not so popular places. Both of them like to travel and this common interest has held them together since past 10 years. She wishes to have a friend in his husband and wants to have endless conversation with him.

Use the magic word “I Love you”:


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Some might find it cheesy but this is pretty effective. Saying these amazingly beautiful lines, one can bring immense happiness to their relationships and not only that it also helps in building the relationship strong and secured. As per an American report, the secret of a happy marriage is based on kissing and saying I love you to your partner, 10 time a week. Life is not perfect for anyone and marriage without arguments sounds too boring. A good morning kiss and the 3 magic words are adequate to make your day a delightful one. And trust me no matter how many times you say “I love you” to your partner, the Dil Maange Mor!!!

Be spontaneous:


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Marriage is not a math that demands step by step methods which needs to be followed in the exact manner. Wedding is bliss and it enhances more and more with our little efforts. Why to restrict a movie date to a weekend? Take a day off and enjoy your favorite movie together. Ever done a pillow fight? If not then try it because you have no idea how much fun it involves. Dance in the rain or bowl her with your acting skills. Do something unplanned and you would realize you are back in your teens.

Smruti who is a homemaker says, “Planning never works for us and we do crazy stuff like sometimes I make my husband sit and I dance for him.”

 Spice up your sex life:



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Undoubtedly a healthy sex life leads to a pleasant and successful marriage. That doesn’t mean one has to do this unwillingly. You must be enjoying your sex life but ask yourself has that become a routine.  If the answer to this question is yes, then it’s time to bring back life to it. Wear the favorite dress of your partner; Smell good; Light some aromatic candles and spice up your sex life. Try some new places more importantly talk about it. Discuss what you both like and complement each other.

Time is precious and so are the memories so be spontaneous and live each moment of your life. Happiness is within you, all you need is to set your priorities and look for it. Watch something interesting on TV or cook with your partner or plan a road trip or simply lie down cuddling each other. Whatever you think would make you happy share with your soul mate and do it together and then see the fun. Do try these tips and share your feedback with us.