Burn Calories With Jillian Michaels in Just 30 Minutes

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There is a storm of “looking good and having a fab body” going around in our mind and internet is thus flooded with lot and lot of diet and workout tips. Indeed technology is doing a good job but sometimes it does confuse us too. What to follow and what not to? Whether those tips are effective or not, such questions bugs us all the time and we lose our interest without even trying. But I am here to help you out and I promise you to share some genuine experiences that would certainly help you to think more wisely.

Before I start let me ask a question to all those who says we have no time for workouts. Have you ever missed any day to feed your child due to any of the lame reason? Will you stop working in your office because you got up late or because you have any family commitments? Well the simple answer is NO!!! Because we love our family and so we manage to take out time for them. We look for alternatives but we figure out the solution. Isn’t that the case with all of us? We love the salary (I know! I know! whatever is the amount we are unhappy but still we love that money right?) we get every month so we can’t afford to miss the work right? Then, why such excuses for our own body? If we start loving our body, the ALTERNATIVES would automatically pop up, all we have to do is EXECUTE!

One such alternative I thought of sharing with you all today, to make your work little easier is the video of Jillian Michaels. In return, I would want a promise that you are gonna follow this. Deal????

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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred:

Before I explain you about this workout, let me assure you that I would never suggest any workout or diet tip that I do not have faith on. To give you a little context, once a friend pinged and asked me, “does that coffee thing you mentioned really work?” I laughed and replied her, “I would never share anything which I do not believe in and if I write something giving mine or my friend’s examples then believe them as those are real stories. My friend is a very hard working girl, so don’t get surprised if I chose to write about her success story in any of my next post.

Now to start with the video of Jillian Michaels, it is a blessing for those who do not have time to hit a gym or do not want to go out until they fit in their gym wear. Just 30 minutes of your day and she promises you to get a super healthy body in 30 days. Yeah!!!! You heard me right! A month’s time.

What is this all about? This workout is an amalgamation of cardio + strength training focusing on arms, legs and abs + stretching. It has 3 levels which has different set of workouts for each level. Jumping jacks + squats + pushups + crunches + lunges + little bit of kick boxing + skipping + chest press, these are the few exercises that are enough to pump your heart rate in no time.

Things required:

  • All you need to perform this workout is an open space. You drawing room would do and if you have a room dedicated to fitness then nothing better than that.
  • You would need weights looking at your comfort level. You can start with 1.5 kg weights but I would prefer 2-2.5 kg weight at least. That reminds me I need to buy the weights before I head for my next holiday. Oh I forgot to tell you guys, I am going to explore the north east this time. Coming back to the point, you can substitute the weights with water bottles.
  • A yoga mat as it involves few ab exercises.
  • A pair of shoes without them jumping exercise are not recommended.
  • A You tube video of hers or a DVD.

Results it promises:

  • Complete body workout: It is a complete body workout so the results are just awesome. I can’t think of a workout which can be done at the ease of your house and would be so effective.
  • Toned body: If followed correctly and regularly it promises to give you a TONED body and inches would melt away way before you notice the change.
  • Recommended to shed out post pregnancy weight: It is highly recommended for the mothers who are struggling with their post pregnancy weight. One interesting example is my friend Vaidehi Acharya. This friend of mine is a mother of 2 (9 year old Nihira and 3 year old Krishiv) but has better stamina than any one in her early 20s. This MCA qualified woman is a regular office goer, runs in MARATHONS, regular in her morning and evening jogs, bakes cake and cookies for her little monsters and does all the duties what is expected from an Indian woman. Yet, she manages to take out time for herself and thus her love for fitness never died. Not only she lost all her pregnancy weight by following this fitness regime but she recommended this to her friends too. It was her who introduced me to this miraculously fitness regime and after seeing the results I thought of sharing it with you all too.

This workout is very effective and do not need much of your time. All it want is dedication and execution. Moreover, Jillian who is a popular name in America is a fitness trainer, TV personality, Author and a Business woman and has shared the significance of the different type of exercises and how to do it if we are beginners in fitness world. I really don’t have to stress more on its results sections as you would notice the effects just in 2-3 days of this workout. Of course it doesn’t work like a magic wand which would burn the calories in one go but you would trust me once you begin with this.

Now no more lame excuses of bad lifestyle, long office hours, kids waiting at home, wives feeding their hubby’s with lip smacking dishes, office parties, client meetings or feeling ashamed of going to a gym because of the tires bulging out from their sports attire. Its time to ignore those lame excuses that are stopping you all to follow a healthy balanced diet and from picking up any sort of exercise.


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So Fellas, start giving importance to you from today on wards. Start loving your body and just spare those 30 minutes for you. Get up 30 minutes prior or start with the weekend sessions (if work days are just impossible for you to workout). I am sure once, you get to see the sweat coming out in just 20 – 25 minutes; you would get charged up and would crave for more. Try out this video and do share your success stories with me. Let’s join our hands together and motivate others to get a well-toned body right at the comfort of our home. Save that gym money and treat yourself with a nice spa once you attain your desired result.

I am anyways there to help you out so please feel free to drop me a mail if need any clarity regarding any of my fitness mantras or workouts I have shared.

Staytunedwithsamudrika and do comment if you liked this post and don’t stop your fingers to click the share button with your facebook or other friends.




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