7 Food Habits That Speed up Your Metabolism

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We all have that one chic in the office who literally HOG and yet she has got that sexy waistline and terrific figure. I remember back in my corporate days I had this super-hot looking colleague, who was hardly seen with an empty plate. Her plate was always filled with lip smacking deserts, cheesy Pizzas and what not. I always wondered how she managed to look so fit even after eating so much of junk. I was very sure she was not the exercise kind of a girl but asking her to spill the beans was out of question. Making it worse all the handsome hunks were after that one smashing beauty. 😛

Now when I look back it certainly make me feel, “how stupid I was” but it also gives me a reason to have a big laugh. 🙂 The simple answer to that sexy and fab body was METABOLISM.

Although the Metabolic rate depends on our genetics and many other factors, a little change in our lifestyle can surely rev up the Metabolism, helping us to lose weight.

Do Not Skip Breakfast:


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The Metabolism slows down when we are in the sleeping mission and trust me it doesn’t get a kick start till we eat. So more time you take for the first meal of the day, the more trouble this not so friendly Metabolism gives you. No matter how late you get up from your cozy bed, Breakfast is one meal you cannot afford to miss. Please understand there is a long gap of hours from the time you sleep till you get up the next day. I know you would come up with the excuse of “Getting late for office, so no time to make breakfast”. Try these 10 breakfast recipes that can be made in jiffy and say bye bye to such excuses.

Sip Some Coffee:


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Although many researchers have different opinions on whether Coffee helps in weight loss or not, I would like to draw your attention to my real life incident. During my weight loss program , I was struggling really hard to get some significant results. My gym instructor suggested me to try black coffee (no milk and no sugar) which I refused without giving a second thought. Days passed and passed and still the results were not making me happy. Only then I thought of giving it a try. To my surprise, it really worked. You believe it or not but I lost 12 kgs in just 3 months. Indeed! It tasted Yuk so I used to gulp it in one go. However, dark Coffee before your workouts sessions are like that magical tonic that boost your metabolism. Be careful though and do not over use it. By other way, by coffee I meant the bitter ones and not the creamy lattes from our favorite coffee houses.

Tip: Try this for a week and then take a break for the next week. Repeat this exercise.

Include Omega 3 in your diet:


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Research says Omega 3 fatty acids are very good source to boost up the slow metabolism. Flax seeds, walnuts, fish and kidney beans are few foods with high Omega 3 in them. Sprinkle the flax seeds powder in your regular vegetable curries, atta dough (wheat flour), fruit salads, and smoothies and get blessed with a great metabolism.

Try Green Tea:


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I am not a fan of green tea but I am well aware of its health benefits. It’s an amazing anti-oxidant and regular use of this would help you to get that fantastic metabolism. I once went to my neighbor’s house and couldn’t hide my excitement after noticing her glowing face. Urging for my compliments probably, she revealed the secret. Yeah!! You are right! It was the regular use of green tea. So now you know, not only it helps in increasing your metabolism rate but also gives you other health benefits especially an incredible skin and hair texture. Seems it tastes better with a spoonful of honey and lemon juice. I promise you guys that I am going to include this in my diet from today. What about you?

Give High Importance to Protein:




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This does not mean that one has to eliminate carbohydrates and other important minerals from the diet. Protein rich food increases the muscle mass and thus it bumps the dead metabolism. Milk, Paneer, eggs, lentils and nuts are few protein rich food that are good enough to include in our diets and don’t forget they are delicious. Nothing better than having them in your breakfast.

Make the food spicy:


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Spices not only add extraordinary taste to the regular dishes but also help in speeding up the metabolism. Unknowingly, we have always been using spices like Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon in our food recipes which are the natural metabolism boosters. Remember how ridiculously we use the Indian spices in Italian and Chinese dishes. Without them they taste OK right? Fortunately, now we have more reasons to add them to our diet.

Adding more spice/chilly to your food is another way to rev the metabolism. In case you are someone who does not prefer spicy food then maybe it’s the time to add that spice element to your regular diet.

Drink Warm Water


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2 glass of warm water right after you get up in the morning not only helps in cleansing your organs but also warm up the body temperature. That result in detoxifying our body and further kick starts the metabolism. Drinking 1-2 glasses of warm water after every meal would promise you amazing results. (Preferably after half an hour) You may try before meals also to get the same results.

Eating regularly (no skipping of meal), including iron rich food, plenty of sleep, staying away from stress and most importantly exercising regularly (try some unconventional exercises) would boost that deadly metabolism. Speedy metabolism means speedy weight loss and that also means no more jealousy for those skinny girls.

So friends!!! Try the above mentioned tips and do share if they work for you. Feel free to share any other interesting idea too.




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