Lets do Balle Balle to burn the calories!!

Masala Bhangra

Photo credit: aileyextension.com (Masala workout by Sarina Jain)

The sheer mention of “workout” upsets the mood of many of us and then we come up with a list of excuses ready. Trust me my friends! There is no fun in doing anything which you don’t like to do, as the results would be highly disappointing. Since many people don’t like to exercise let’s focus on what we really like to do and that without a doubt is dancing. We dance to celebrate our joy and happiness and need no training to express what we feel. The passion for dancing in India is a never ending love and need absolute no reasons to shake our legs. Whether it’s the birth of your new born or your friend has fall in love again; the shoulders start shrugging on its own and when we talk about our all-time favorite Bhangra, then we surely need no justification.

Remember the Dhol Jageera da and Mitra de boot songs???? Just imagine what fun it would be to dance on these numbers and to get a fit body at the end? You probably have no idea that the Bhangra movements you just did on your friend’s wedding has actually helped you to burn a significant number of calories. Don’t you believe me?? Well the expert says, the joyful Bhangra dance can burn up to 500 – 700 calories (when done intensively) in an hour’s time. Yeah!!! And the best part, it doesn’t feel like a workout. The Punjabi beats keeps the fun quotient really high just like its music and kind of hypnotize you to dance. The huffing and puffing do not bother anymore and the sweat undoubtedly goes unnoticed.

That reminds me of the days spent in Delhi when partying every weekend was a must for me. The Gurgaon pubs or Terrace parties at home, Bhangra always topped our list. Originated from the beautiful state of Punjab, Bhangra is no more a Punjabi dance form. People across India has embraced this dance form with such a pride and love that can easily be noticed when the music starts.

Type of workout: This is a dance workout full of energy and fun. A complete body workout, Bhangra can be an interesting cardio ensuring those toned arms and sexy legs with a ready to flaunt abs.

Special training required: No. Just log on to Youtube to find out some interesting Bhangra videos and you are good to start. You can also join any good fitness centers near your house that teaches Bhangra.

Workout suitable for: This workout is suitable for all age group and for both the gender.

Calories burns: 300 – 500 (if done on moderate level) and 500 – 700 (if done intensively).

Unfortunately, Many fun workouts originated in India have gained more popularity outside the country and we get to realize the importance only when the things come with the tag “videshi” (International). Yoga, Bollywood dance, Bhangra and many other workout forms are now a regular part of their fitness regime. Thankfully, few fitness enthusiasts like Sarina Jain who is the Founder of Masala Bhangra are helping in promoting these fun workouts across the nation and worldwide. So, what are we waiting for? Lets play the music and Balle Balle!!!!



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