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Despite, knowing the amount of Calcium we get from Milk, I used to HATE it!!!!

Until yesterday, when I a dear friend teased me “u write about the importance of breakfast in your blogs and don’t like Milk?” (That was an answer to my complain about the recent leg pain I started noticing after my run)

So, I decided… let me flavor up my milk and add enough Calcium to my bones. 🙂

Presenting u another quick Breakfast Recipe: ……..

Apple Blueberry Shake  (Apple add lots of fiber to our diet and helps in detoxification and Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants)


Apple (Rich in Vitamin C) – 1 big size

Milk   (Good source of Calcium & Protein – 1 glass

Blueberry (Rich in Vitamin K, C and Manganese) – I have used the Blueberry crush from Mapro, but u can use the fresh ones (the fresh fruits would add nice color as well)

Almonds (Good fat and very good source of Vitamin E) – 4-5 pieces

Sugar – Since, I have used the blueberry crush I didn’t needed the sugar. Also, the Apple has its own sweetness.

Procedure: Blend all the above ingredients and serve it chilled!!!

I like to munch, so have sprinkled small pieces of almonds and cashews along with chopped apples on top of my Apple Blueberry Shake!!! And believe me, its utterly delicious!!!


Spinach Olive Egg Scramble (Iron and Protein Rich)


Egg whites : 2

Fresh Spinach : 4-5 leaves, nicely chopped

Olives: 4-5, nicely chopped

Onion : 1 small, finely chopped

Tomato: 1 small, finely chopped

Green chilly: 2 small pieces

Black pepper, Salt and Olive Oil

Procedure: Mix all the above ingredients. Put Olive all on the pan and spread the mixture on it.

Enjoy with a slice of whole wheat bread.



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