Hi All!!!

2016 would always be a special year for me as my thoughts found an awesome place to get expressed. I am a fitness enthusiast, a big time foodie and a travel freak. I love to talk and listen to people so if you have a great story to share so my ears are all yours.

Latest Love: Kick Boxing, Zumba and Pilates   Fitness Mantra: Eat right and at the right time. Don’t hesitate to Exercise!!!   Biggest Achievement: Let me think!!!! Scuba, running in a 10 k run, started blogging…..hmmm m yet not satisfied…I wanna more 🙂 Happiness Mantra: Bring smile on others face, spread Happiness and make FRIENDS!!

What is My Blog All About?

Fitness: I would share some amazing workouts, dance routines and unconventional fitness regimes that would be fun to do and yet would give you amazing results.

Healthy Recipes: Some amazing low calorie recipes, breakfasts, snacks or desserts that you can eat without any guilt and without getting worried about the calories.

Beauty & Lifestyle: Fashion trends, home decor, lifestyle related write ups that would bring immense happiness and positivity in your life.

Travel: Posts on Breath taking beauties, unexplored yet beautiful places in India, interesting travel journeys of travel freaks.

Indian Armed Forces: I am a fauji kid and a fauji wife so the love for my country and Indian armed force is incomparable. This category is purely a tribute to the brave soldiers for their bravery and sacrifices to give us a secured life.

Mixed Bags: I love to write so this category is for any topic that touches my heart and reaches my mind.

I also write as a freelancer for many clients one of my favorite among them is Polka Cafe. Check out some my interesting articles on Polka Cafe.