An Evening @ Adalaj Ni Vav


As my little angel was at the verge of turning one, hubby and I were super excited like all proud parents would be!! We were in a celebratory mood and decided to drive down to Ahmedabad for some birthday shopping. With a few extra hours at hand, we thought it would be wise to explore the beautiful city.

I did a quick google of the “nearest places to visit” and headed towards this beautiful stepwell called “Adalaj ni Vav”. Now, I am no history lover and have no interest in visiting monuments whatsoever (kill me if you like but I spent  8 years in Delhi and still don’t know what Red Fort and Kutub Minar look like!). Luckily for us, I was quick to realise that we hadn’t visited any tourist places lately and visiting one, even if it was a historical, suddenly did not seem like a bad idea after all!!


I was amazed at the beauty of the spectacular old construction and stood there in absolute astonishment. Ofcourse, I had done my homework, read some reviews and thereby had this place shortlisted. But what I was least expecting was such a splendidly beautiful building cropping out of a tiny village in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The place is a quite a must see in my opinion!!

This alluring ancient beauty was such a treat to the eyes that I did not seem to mind clicking the building with one and while holding my baby in the other (please don’t try that unless you are one hell of an overenthusiastic mother!!). Thrilled at the exquisite view, my happiness knew no bounds and I was jumping like a five year old. An amalgamation of scenic beauty and intelligent architecture, the five storeyed step well is a blend of Hindu and Islamic flavours. As someone who does not understand art too much, the designs and carvings still managed to leave me spellbound. The inside appeared a few degrees cooler than the outside and that left both the water and room feeling much cooler that it ought to be.  

History: The construction work was originally started (1498) by Rana Veer Singh of the Vaghela dynasty. However, he lost his life in a war and it was then completed by the Muslim King Mahmud Begada. It is believed that King Begada fell in love with the Queen Raudabai (wife of Rana Veer Singh) and had promised to build this finest piece of architecture on a condition that the Queen will have to marry her. The story has a tragic end as the Queen committed suicide in the same well as soon as the dream project of her husband was completed (1499).

How to reach: Well, we drove down from Ahmedabad to this village called Adalaj and I must say GPS was the saviour. It just tool us 20 minutes and in front of us was this excellent piece of art. 

Entry Fees: Nothing

Visiting Hours: Everyday 6 am to 6 pm

A Must Visit Place For:

Photographers/Shutterbugs: My husband will vouch for it! He nearly lost his phone while engrossed in capturing the monuments’ beauty on his camera. He had almost had it from me but was spared when he finally found his phone in the car.

Architecture enthusiasts and History lovers.

Love birds (One can actually while away his time in the small garden, canoodling with his loved one). In spite of not being a history lover, by my own admission, this place in particular, is a piece of art and had truly caught my attention. The well preserved monument and well maintained garden make for some fantastic Insta clicks!

I must say my evening was well spent and it is a delightfully comforting place to unwind. Satisfied by this visit of mine, I am all geared up for my next travelling spots in colourful Gujarat. What about you guys??





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