A Romantic Weekend @ Mystical Munnar

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The spring of 2014, chill in air had started receding. The chirping of tiny little birds, flower blossoming’s, thriving freshness of local tea gardens and cardamom plantations in the Ghats were so exhilarating. And then it was the sun that hid him behind the coconut forest and silently kissed the beach and the back waters canals. By now I had imagined of taking my backpack and landing on the Ghats. Despite the fact of travelling criss-cross across nation, I was always captivated even in the dreams by the scenic beauty, and not to my surprise it always left me restless. It was my virgin journey to Kerala. Kerala is kenned as God’s own country and its beauty proves the caption right. Starting from the back waters to spice gardens, the state is indeed mystically enchanted with comeliness in abundance.

Beautiful Church on our way to Munnar

Beautiful Church on our way to Munnar

Baffled then! Headstrong now – KERALA IT IS!! At Kochi, soaring heat had welcomed me to its den. They say; “The beauty always lies down within the heart of everything”. Yes, now I agree to why all the wanderers look out for the hamlets in the far long trenches inherited in the mountains. No wonder why Munnar was discovered. Place had left every single fiber of me enchanted in all possible ways.


Munnar – Set in the Western Ghats, a beauty sleeping in the lap of gorgeous patchy green hills is a popular destination for tourists. A small hill station situated in the south west part of Kerala it is at the height of around 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) above sea level. Where major of its fertile covered with the beautiful tea gardens, cardamom plantations lush green paddy fields as far as the sight goes. Far from the regular residing places, I had made my reservations in the “Deep Wood Resorts” around 15 kilometers outside the town in an isolated location, which certainly is known for giving the explicit feeling of very close to the woods. Well – It’s the perfect place where one doesn’t get to know the difference in heart and mind, like how a piece of ice floats and then slowly vanish in whisky leaving its chill and pure intoxication behind. The place best at its signal capabilities, where no one could even dare to dial you across.



Inside the Tea Museum!!! One of the Tea Machine.

The Tea Garden here is superb and got many picturesque views that allure the tourists so much. The lavish green carpet of tea plants are no less than the international destinations we optically discern in our Television Sets. One of the most sizably voluminous tea growing regions in South India, Munnar has a Tea Museum that sanctions the tourists to take a tour of the factory and to understand the process of Tea cultivation. The museum authorities additionally explicate the process of converting the tea leaves into final products followed by tea sipping test which probably is the favorite part of the entire tour.


Apart from the regular sightseeing and visits to tea museum, we then set out on road less travelled for close to 10-15 kilometers my nomadic wheels had rested on the roads of Pooyamkutty Mankulam to see a small streak of waterfall beneath the bridge. Capturing the incident in my camera, I rolled down the Ghats to the tea gardens. The afternoon/evening mist had slowly started conquering every bit of tea leaves and had also taken me along, witnessing it from my bare eyes which I say “Serendipity” this feeling of “More” never leaves me!


Elephant rides, Kathakalli dance show and the astounding performance by the kalaripayattu artists are the bonus to the Munnar trip. Another breath taking place the town has hidden in its lap is Top station. This is a view point which has spectacular views and is marked as the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Not many tourists prefer to visit this place as the roads are mostly one way. But it is a lifetime experience for those who love to be in the arms of the Mother Nature. The experience of getting kissed by the white snowy clouds and the foggy weather makes the atmosphere look homogeneous to a dream land that subsists to promise awestruck views.

Inside the Tea Museum!!! One of the Tea Machine.

Inside the Tea Museum!!! One of the Tea Machine.


Lending the view – The meandering water rushes, the picturesque highlands and their fields, the sub-tropical rain forests, exotic wildlife, fascinating Spice jungles and diversified vegetation, the floating cottages and houseboats (Alleppey) on the greeny-brown backwaters. The whole feeling of the place is unique in own its own ways but none less than witnessing and feeling this piece of beauty in the foothills of the Western Ghats it’s just beyond imagination and the experience is just phenomenal.


The story or the fascination for the place call it the way you like; always comes to an end. Disconnected with world is when I knew how quick the time has passed. The misty sky above, green mountains ahead, down below the trifled waters asking me to stay and the eternity beyond. I bet to disagree on the fact of finding peace and solace in mind and often when you need it where, relaxation of mind is guaranteed but at the same time relaxation for eyes and little sightseeing is also very important to rejuvenate yourself again.

I have come to learn this today that not only penning down my experience of the beautiful creation of God has made me wise but certainly drifting away has made me even wiser!


Types of Tourists that would Love This Place: Nature lover, Adventure freak as it has trekking activities to offer, Honeymoon Couples, Photographers.

Best time to visit: The place is customarily flooded with tourists between August to May however the best time to visit this place is between October – February.

Tourist Attractions: Don’t go by the minuscule size of the town, the place has lot many tourist attractions to offer to its tourists including Tea Gardens, Eravikulam National Park, Devikulam Lake, Waterfalls named Lakkam, Attukal, Nyayamakad, Chinnakkal, Kuthumkal, Cheeyapara, Valara and Thoovanam, Top Station view point, Flower garden, Tea Museum, Temples, Mount Carmel Church and many more.


Things to buy:

  • Homemade chocolates: The local people prepare homemade chocolates which are delicious in taste. The variety is not much mainly dark, milk, liquor filled and chocolates with nuts but is not something you would optate to miss.
  • Tea: Variety of flavored tea especially ginger, mint, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg etc are available in the market but if you transpire to visit the Tea Museum then that’s the place to buy. One must additionally purchase some green tea and coffee from here as the quality is astonishing.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam Junction or Aluva

Munnar acts like a diminutive place with lots of frolic activities to get indulged into and is an exemplary holiday destination to rejuvenate. So this holiday season, pack your bags and explore this part of Kerala which is delectation to your soul.


Yes, indeed… its Gods own country!!