Can Pokemon Go help you to lose weight?

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I am not a virtual game lover and to be honest I hate it when people send me Candy crush requests. However, this new sensation all over the internet, forced me to dig around on why people are getting crazy about this new online game.

This augmented reality mobile game named “Pokemon Go”, lets his players to catch Pokemon for which you need to step out of the house and walk as they are hidden in different locations. You heard me right! This is not like the usual games that keep u stuck with your laptops and office chairs. This new game leaves you with no choice to move your butt and burn some calories. And this is exactly why I got so curious to read about it. This online game has already created a sensational news across the world making people mad about it and to an extent to me too. I really like the idea of walking along with playing your favorite game. As I always keep insisting to pick up an exercise/physical activity that doesn’t sound like a burden to you and give you immense happiness. Often we quit our fitness regime as we do not see results due to low metabolism as not much of calorie burning can be seen. If this online game that has already gone viral across the globe can help you to burn those stupid calories than kudos to the developers.

Calories burn while playing this game: On an average, a player would burn approximately 100 calories per mile. According to an estimate made by LifeHacker, hatching a 2.0 km egg burns almost 120 calories. Therefore, one must hatch at least 30 2.0 km eggs to lose just one pound.

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Is it an effective weight loss tool: Many health professionals and bloggers are claiming that this can act as an effective weight loss tool but in reality it depends. As the game involves catching the Pokemons, which means to slow down your walking/running speed. Thus giving a break to your fitness regime. However, this is a great start for the people who have never bothered to walk or run. At least this would act as your stamina tester and show you the real picture of your fitness level. In case you want to try out the effective ways of weight loss then check out my weight loss journey of 3 months that helped me to lose 12 kgs.

Release date:

It has already got released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand on July 6 2016.

In a recent interview with Retuers, John Hanke who is the chief executive of Niantic said, they have plans to release this game in around 200 more countries including the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Philippines.

Do not get disheartened and follow this Youtube video to know how can you still download “Pokemon Go” on your android phones.

Compatibility: This international sensational game is only compatible to Android and iOS devices.

How to be played:

Once you have successfully downloaded the game to your phones, you need to sign in and then you get the option to choose your character.

This game demands to step out of the house making you walk. Don’t get furious when you meet many other Pokemons (users like you) on the road as their character pops up on your mobile maps. Somewhat like when you get the fair view of cabs available in your area while booking an Ola or Uber cabs. The only additional feature here is your phone starts to vibrate as soon as it identifies the characters that are close by.

Once you have identified the Pokemons, you need to click and hold the Pokeball (that happens to be your friend) and then through towards Pokemon.

Well, I would say I am really impressed on how technology is developing and getting better each day. Despite of not getting released yet in our country, it is already a viral fever and is gaining popularity among the fitness freaks. I wish this innovative game can really be a blessing for all the fitness lovers.

Yet, considering the Indian roads and traffic, I would suggest you to be careful while playing this game to avoid any mishaps.

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