10 Delicious Recipes That Can Be Made In A Jiffy To Help Satiate Those Midnight Cravings

mug cake

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No matter how well-versed we are with the consequences of late night sugar cravings, some days are just unmanageable. The uncontrollable urge to binge on any form of sweet during odd hours can really ruin your fitness regime. But how worthy is our life to eat with guilt. Food is life and good food not only keeps your soul satisfied but helps your body to stay active. The only challenge is our digestion system that gives us a real tough time after sun set.

So, try to have a spoon of jaggery or grab a banana or a simply munch on 2 – 3 dates. If that doesn’t help, then try out these seven healthy options to enjoy the sugary treat and live a guilt-free life.

Click on this link to view 10 delicious recipes to satisfy your mid night sugar cravings 🙂

So if love is in the air or u have odd working hours or u are new mommies with sleepless nights or just like me who love to eat desserts than just drool over these recipes.




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