A phone call that made me THINK!!!


A thank you call that forced me to think…….

Have I really helped them enough?

Is that all I can do for them?

Could I have done something better?

Actually, I was extremely happy that our school allowed the teachers of a special school “SPECIAL FRIENDS”, to put some stalls in order to raise some funds for their school.  Only if I knew then, that this might not be enough to meet their school requirements…..

I went and asked, “How is it going? I am sorry; you might not get very positive response”. “We are very happy with the help maa’m.  Already sold products costing Rs 2000”. She answered.

She had the smile of a WINNER!!! Puzzled me…. I was getting late for home, so bought some candles and handmade crafts, thanked them, offered my help for any future needs and then left.

On my way back home, I was only thinking about them. How can Rs. 2000 sale make someone so happy? I came back home, got busy with the usual household work and then just forgot.

And, then I got this phone call…. It was a Thank You call from the Principal of that school. (to give you the context, I visit this school quite often so requested my principal to allow them to set up these stalls.)

“A big thanks to you maa’m. You have no idea how grateful we are to you”. She said. I thanked her back and then disconnected my call.

What, really made me think was ……If my small help could turn out to be a huge help (at least that’s what she told me.), then how much better it would be when my words would reach out to you all?

Also, many times, we spend unnecessarily… on not so important things…on our pizzas….on our branded clothes…..on our vacations….Even after knowing our spending habits, we continue doing the same. We are quite regular on such things. Isn’t it??

Then, why aren’t we regular on this??

Why do we set a deadline ? I have heard people saying, I have done my part of good deed for this month so now next month . Why do we wait for some special occasion (birthday, anniversary)?

Please remember!! Our small contribution (cash or kind or our time), can encourage them to LIVE LIFE no matter whatever the situation is…..

And if we are little selfish to think about us!!! how would we benefit from this??? Then, let me share my personal experience, It makes me feel so worthy, each time I go to their school and when they call me “akka” and bombard me with their endless talks and stories (I hardly understand a word as they speak Telugu, but it makes me feel WANTED) 🙂 🙂

Yet!  I realized it was not enough.

So, I decided to join my hands with you all in helping such people more often now.  I am sure, next time you eat your favorite Pizza, you would be remember these special people and would take some initiative to help.

Lastly, the objective here is to spread awareness so keep sharing your good deeds with your friends to motivate them enough.

There is a famous saying “doing acts of charity, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. Well!!! I think a little differently!! I would say GO!! Go and tell your friends that you brought SMILE on someone face. That! you helped a needy today!!


Please contact @ the below mentioned no.s in case you want to offer any help to the school:

Mrs Swathi  (Principal/Owner): 8790103823

Mrs Sunitha : 9948734593

“Special Friends” (A school for special children)





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