10 Quick easy Breakfast!!

………….Work till late, wake up late in the morning, has to rush to my office. Lemme skip my Breakfast.

………….Has to prepare tiffin for my family/have to finish other household chores. Lemme skip my Breakfast.

………….Am a foodie, can’t control my eating habits. Lemme skip my Breakfast.

………….No time for exercise. Lemme skip my Breakfast.

The beginning of the day, like this ??No time for the most important meal of our day….. 🙁

Pleaseeeee!!! Never ever skip your breakfast…It is very very important to give a kick start to our body. Our body demands lot of ENERGY to perform various tasks in a day….that we get from the BREAKFAST. Skipping this meal would not only decrease your METABOLISM rate but would also make u feel lethargic and unfit.

Now, lets focus on NO TIME for BREAKFAST!!! What if I tell u that u simply need 2 – 5 minutes of your time to prepare your breakfast???

Not Possible??? Think again!!! Lets make it simple!!

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  1. Fruit Salad: Papaya, melons, berries are very good for weight loss….But, if weight is not something that bothers u, then relish any fruit 🙂 If u don’t have the time to chop the fruit, then simply eat it as a whole. 1 big apple or a banana or an orange or any fruit of your choice.
  2. Moong Dal Chila: Soak 1 cup of green moong dal and half cup of chana dal 4-5 hours. Grind them by adding 1 onion and 2 green chillies. U can prepare this batter at the night and next morning it would only take 2 – 3 minutes to make the chila. Don’t forget to add salt, just before spreading it on the tawa as a dosa.
  3. Yogurt: Take a small bowl, mix some yogurt + some oats + 2- 3 chopped almonds and 1 chopped dates or fruits like apple, berries, kiwi etc. (as sweetener). Pour it in a use and throw cup and have it on your way to office…..u can substitute the oats with corn flakes or muesli as well….too difficult to make ??? all u have to do is MIXING 🙂
  4. Grilled Paneer: A very good source of protein. Use the masala u like. I just dip the paneer cubes in a mix of very less salt + turmeric + ginger garlic paste + red chilli powder + dry mango powder + roasted n small pieces of peanuts and then grill it in your microwave for 2-3 minutes or taw fry it.
  5. Smoothies: Keep experimenting as per your taste and choice. I love to blend oats + some blanched spinach (super rich in iron)+ few nuts + few dates + some berries (fresh or frozen). You can substitute the berries with banana or mango or kiwi or any other fruit of your choice.
  6. Fruit Juice: Make your own drink. I love fresh orange/pomegranate/melons juice. If u are not dealing with weight gain problems, then u can try banana shake too.
  7. Omelette or Boiled eggs: Rich in Protein …. You can avoid the yolks (yellow portion), if focusing on weight loss. (it might take 6-8 mins to get boiled n 2 mins to remove the shells n cut it in half. But, put it on flame the very moment when u prepare your tea….By the time, u finish sipping your tea, ur boiled eggs r ready. Tadaaa!!!). Or u can make omelette (just add lot of veggies like onions, tomatoes, capsicum, coriander leaves etc).
  8. Sprouts: My all time favorite!!! Use either of these…. green moong dal or boiled chole or boiled kale chane. Add salt + green chilly + coriander leaves + onions to it and enjoy your protein rich breakfast.
  9. Chuda chakta : Yes!! that’s what they call it in my language (odiya). Wash the poha…drain the excessive water, add 1 banana or 2-3 spoon of yogurt and add very little salt and very little sugar (i prefer jaggery). Mix it well and your breakfast is ready. It really keeps u full till your next break.
  10. Sandwich: I spread our usual mint coriander chutney on one piece and hung curd on another piece of whole wheat bread…. then put 2 – 3 slices of cucumber + tomatoes + few olives + mixed herbs and oregano powder + salt. Shift it to a foil paper and carry it along.

I am sure, you must be thinking that u all know about these things. So, why have I jotted them down here.

To remind u all!!! Yes, to remind u all that u all know about the food basics, but due to your busy work schedule and home responsibilities have forgotten how to take care of your body. Now, since I have given u this very simple menu….put it on your kitchen board and try new breakfast everyday.

I keep on telling my mom….all puja/prayers (c is super religious), taking care of us would go in vain if u won’t remain fit. So, eat ur breakfast first and then think about anything else. Coz, if u wud fall sick who would take care of u??? 🙁

So, have ur breakfast and then work as much as u want…..b fit for ur family at least 🙂



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