Detox Drinks – helps to flush out the toxins!!

lemon grass


Due to our busy lives, we have adopted many food items and habits that are pretty convenient to us. What we do not realize is that, we are living in a world full of chemicals. Hence, our body has stored too much of toxins inside.

And to flush out those toxins, DETOXIFICATION is important. This also helps in boosting our energy level, making our skin glow and to get shiny and healthy hair.

You may think, if we are following a healthy diet and doing enough exercise, do we still need to detoxify?

Well, the answer is YES!!!

We have no idea how much toxins our body has already stored inside and since when. Sometimes, they get difficult to release and becomes a major hindrance in our weight loss. That’s why many of us complain about no weight/inch loss even after following a healthy diet.

These days……

  1. We use lot of plastic ware & zip locks. (Replace your melamine plates and plastic tiffin boxes with glass or steel utensils. Time to shop guys!!!)
  2. Love to eat junk and processed food. (Reduce such food and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet)
  3. Very few of us still do fasting (earlier people used to eat raw fruits and milk during fasting days. If possible, fast once in a week. No need to starve, just eat lots of fruits and vegetables (boiled or roasted)).

When I was struggling really bad to get rid of those unwanted bulges…….

I read many articles, watched videos, consulted many people and got many interesting and useful tips.

But, I knew I would not follow any of them (mainly because, either the products are not easily available at our home or we run short of time to prepare the drinks),  so didn’t even bothered to try.

But, today I am sharing some reallyyyyy simple and easy DETOX drinks, with a hope that you can start following the tips right away.

Green Tea: Drink 3-4 times in a day. Add little honey or 2-3 drops of lemon to improve the taste.

Lemon grass: I do not like green tea, so I prefer adding lemon grass to my tea. Simply, cut lemon grass in small pieces and make it boil with your tea. I do not add sugar at all in my tea, but, u can add sugar as per your taste.

Wheatgrass: You get wheat grass powder or drink. (I prefer the powder and then mix it with water)

Drink coconut water. Its so refreshing!!!

Lemon – Cucumber  infused water: Take a jar full of water, add  sliced cucumber (1), sliced lemon (1), few mint leaves and grated ginger (half inch). Leave it for at least 1-2 hours and then drink this water all day. You can leave this water overnight also and then can drink the next day.

Note: I have added only those drinks that I found easy to make and could include in my diet. Include any of this to your daily diet and see the difference in your skin, hair, weight…..huh!!! actually in your overall health!!!

Try them out. Waiting for your success stories 🙂





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