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6 months back, I was checking out some random old pics and I was like……What the hell??? What have I done to myself??? 2 years of my marriage and didn’t noticed that I gained around 14 kgs of weight. Huh!!! I decided to do something about it. But, what???

Within few minutes I was flooded with tons & tons of information. (Read thousands of articles, watched weight loss videos).. Well, thanks to the technology!!! Now confused me, didn’t know which one to follow??? Decided to try everything!!! Trust me, it only worsen my situation and there I was depressed and exhausted. Exhausted, coz by then I almost decided that m never gonna loose weight.

But, 3 months of my hard work and I lost 12 kgs.. Happy me!! Continued my exercise regime and by now, people have started calling me and asking me the secret of my WEIGHT LOSS!!! So, thought of sharing it with you all!! (I was 72 kgs and today m 58 kg. so, in total 14 kgs loss) 🙂 🙂

Follow the tips and volla!!! U wud b bck in shape 🙂

Before sharing the weight loss tips, I would like to discuss few factors that are responsible for the WEIGHT GAIN!! I know I know…..u are not interested in my story and you want to know the secret. But, the truth is if we do not understand the main cause of our problem, how can we think of getting rid of that?? mAKE SENSE???

So, here we are…..

  1. The peculiar problem we all face today is NO TIME!!! Yes!! u heard me right!! We want to loose weight, but NO TIME 🙁 …..So guys!!! time is something I can’t help u with. Get up half an hour early???….cut down your TV time and spend that 30 – 45 mins in exercising may b???
  2. Also, most of the time we don’t realize when did we gained so much of weight. Solution to this is just WaTCH WhAT U eAT!! I mean if u r eating junks every second day with sugarry drink, what else do u expect?? 🙂
  3. Do not eat the left overs un necessarily (mothers and wives plzzz beware!!). Not interested in wasting food?? Give it to your maid or dog or any one….but, u don’t eat, when u r full pleaaseeeeeee!!!



  1. Exercise for 1 hour – 5 days a week. (Gym/Power Yoga/Any form of dance/Any form of sports/Swimming/Cycling/Kickboxing)
  2. Get a nice pair of shoes and call a friend/love/hubby dear/neighbour and do brisk walk or run and TaLk 🙂 Get fit and socialize…not a bad deal..right??
  3. Have u ever thought, 2 glasses of WARM WATER can do wonders??? No m not kidding!!  Drink 2 glass of warm water as soon as you get up in the morning (too lazy to make lemon honey warm water early morning). Drink 2 glasses of warm water after 30 mins of your breakfast, lunch and dinner resp. (Do not drink water right after your meals please.)
  4. Increase your protein intake (milk & milk products, nuts,  tofu, dals/pulses, fish, chicken but no red meat…add soya, eggs again no yolks please) to your diet.
  5. Its very important to boost your METABOLISM…. Drink half cup of black coffee (no sugar, no milk) before your work outs (u wud b surprised by the results)…….I hate GREEN TEA :), but, if u manage to develop the taste, then drink 3- 4 times a day, really helps to give a kick start to your metabolism.
  6. DETOXIFICATION!!! Try any detox drink (cucumber/beetroot juice, wheatgrass)



  1. Do not skip any meal. Most of us skip breakfast and sometimes, we skip dinner. But, remember!!! No matter how late u r, DO NOT SKIP MEALS.
  2. No aerated drinks and canned juices at all….they are loaded only with CALORIES….Yes!!! and are FULL OF SUGAR and nothing else.
  3. Avoid processed food.
  4. Avoid whites. Replace wheat flour with multigrain flour, white rice with brown rice, breads with whole wheat bread and avoid Maida as much as u can.
  5. Avoid fried food. How about relishing tawa fry or baked food???
  6. Avoid or lessen the Carbs in your dinner. (dals, rice, any form of breads including roti, potato etc)
  7. Do not eat after 8 PM.

Wish u all the best guys!!! I am sure, you gonna loose oodles of weight. Stay fit!! Gain back your confidence….

Would b glad to get your feedbacks and suggestions on this.



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