Parents are the first teachers!!!

We spend thousands and lakhs in the name of donation, just to get our kids enrolled in good schools, to give them a strong foundation……get our kids enrolled in extra curriculum activities/sports/dance/music etc, to make them competitive……introduces them to our values and cultures, to help them being a good human being and educate them about good and bad habits, to make them a better citizen. Technically, we try our best to make our kids successful at the same time to be a good and responsible human being.

Isn’t it?? Nope…….Surprisingly, this is actually what we think, but are we honestly helping our kids?

Well…how many of us have noticed domestic violence in our homes? How many of us have asked our kids to lie over the phone or to lie if someone unwanted is at your doorstep? How many of us have thrown chips packets or cold drinks bottles out of our cars while driving on the roads? We do all these things right? Why wouldn’t he/she learn dishonesty, why would he/she respect law and more importantly humans?

What do we do when we hear any complaints about our children from teachers, other kids or parents??? We shout back on them. We try to justify the cause, we ask them to be careful. Why wouldn’t our child repeat that mistake again if we have not counseled him on his wrong deed?

Is spending money on our child’s education is all what we can do??? As a parent we must be careful and watch our words and deeds. Remember, kids are very good observant…..they learn most of the things from their own homes.

So, its time to pull our socks and bring changes in our own lives, in our behaviors. Kids would automatically follow us and make us proud. Help them to be a better person by helping ourselves  being a better person. We are the first teachers, never forget this 🙂 If we can change our behaviour, our kids can follow us and then together we can think of a better and more developed country. Else, one day he/she will become one of us and the process would simply continue.

Enjoy the parenthood!!