Career is possible for an Army wife

It was the month of December and all my fellow colleagues were wishing for a good salary hike and a hefty bonus but I was sitting quite….didnt know how to react to this news that I just got over a phone call…After working so hard I was expecting my promotion this time and my then boyfriend called me to give this good news….honey we are getting married!!! 🙂 speechless I was, overwhelmed with happiness that finally I would be in the arms of my love but wait….what will I do after marriage?? Where will I find my MNC job in places like Udhampur and Jhunjhunu??? Yes!!! these are names of places in our very own country India.

After coming from this corporate background I seriously was clueless, how would I continue my work post my marriage. Nevertheless, I got married to my man…decided to give some time to my marriage and then would focus on job….After 2-3 meetings with other ladies from Army, I realized many of them were lawyers, holds degree of B.Tech, MBA etc and now have quit their jobs and joined teaching. I started getting frustrated as both my career and my husband stands important to me….choosing one out of that was impossible for me. And then I decided to figure out various career options one can have even after your marriage with an Army personnel.

1) Teaching of course is a very good option, but not many of the gals would have inclination towards this and in my opinion one should actually not join this profession if one is not passionate about teaching and kids. 🙂

2) Starting your own business. I know many ladies who have started their own jewellery business, western clothes business, saree business, tupperware business, etc. And thanks to the technology you don’t need a proper shop for all this…simply create a website and start advertising 🙂

3) If you have any skill/talent..then its time to use it…People have become very serious about decorating their houses, so paint and sell your paintings 🙂 , bakery business is also a good option, you can conduct cooking classes, English speaking and personality development classes 🙂

4) If you are a fitness freak, then you may become an Aerobics trainer or Zumba instructor.

5) There are many websites that gives work from home options such as odesk, elance etc.

6) Last but not the least Blogging 🙂

Most importantly, you need to decide your priority in life. You may find some jobs that would not allure you more due to their low income, but you might get job satisfaction and time for your family. So think what is best for you and then explore….

Wish you all good luck and I wish you all pursue your career along with your family 🙂

I chose teaching as my profession and I never thought I would enjoy this so much. I always had an inclination towards NGO related work and this teaching career is helping me in learning more and more which is helping me in my NGO works.